Liam murphy

Front End Developer

Hi There!

I’m Liam, I’m a Front-End Developer with a passion for marrying well written, efficient code with beautiful and intuitive design. This two sided philosophy has always been at the forefront of my personality. While I enjoy my time spent in front of my PC, I go stir crazy without time in the elements.

For 7 years I lived in Tofino, BC where I worked as a surf instructor. This helped me to hone my abilities as a leader, nurtured my craving for empathetic connection, and allowed me to explore and travel. I see this time as invaluable for my career as a Developer as it has helped me in many areas. My ability to communicate effectively with my team comes directly from the interpersonal skills gained during my time spent sharing my love for surfing with others.


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The Basics

The bread and butter, I am proficient with HTML, CSS, and CSS preprocessors such as SASS and LESS.

JavaScript / jQuery

Whether for validation, animation, or interactivity, I have experience leveraging JavaScript to produce professional results.

The Back End

I have extensive experience using PHP to not only create custom WordPress themes, but to manipulate and validate data. I also have experience in working with MySQL Databases.

Other Languages & Techniques

Because of my experience with CMS development I have a great understanding of Liquid. I have also leveraged the AJAX methodology to produce modern solutions for WordPress post filtering.

Content Management Systems

Most of my development experience is in the realm of CMS development. I have developed themes for, or worked with, WordPress, Shopify, Sitefinity, Drupal, and other systems.

Software / Environment

I have experience using most tools in the Adobe suite, but professionally I have used Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma and InVision. I have experience using Gulp to streamline my development process, and Git for version control.

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I’m a curious self starter. One of the greatest joys for me is learning and excelling in new areas. I live for the challenging tasks so I can grow professionally.


Whether I am working with my team, or for a client, I pride myself on being their for them. I like to always have an answer and anticipate teammates needs.


As a free form problem solver, web development’s ever-changing and dynamic nature is ideal. One of the reasons it appeals to me is that it allows for consistent growth and adaptability.

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